Career pata hao opportunities

Become a pata hao agent and enjoy the fruits of real estate.

Requirements: A smart phone with android version 6 and higher or ios 10.3 and higher or internet connection at a cyber.

Visit fill out the form on the career section and submit.

Advantages of being a pata hao real estate agent,

  • Getting started in a Real Estate Career is quick and Painless
  • As a Real Estate Agent, You Are Your Own Boss
  • Real Estate Agents Make a Good Income
  • Real Estate Agents Work Flexible Schedules
  • Pata Hao is a location based app so you don’t have to show properties to client they see the property on internet.
  • Excellent opportunity to learn about how internet business works
  • Take excellent pictures of the houses inside and outside. Harness your presentations skills.
  • Excellent way to own property own a piece of the everyday growing industry of housing.